Common Mistakes You Make on Long Motorcycle Trips

You might enjoy motorcycle riding and be an expert in city motorcycle riding but long motorcycle trips and tours are a totally different thing and territory. It needs some specialized skills and techniques for having a complete, safe, and enjoyable tour. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid on long motorcycle trips for a better experience and enjoyable experience. Without further ado, let's get into it. 

Under packing


Poor packing is a common mistake most of us do because we are afraid to pack too much and actually end up packing too little. There should be a creative balance between good packing when going on motorcycle trips. But before all that make sure you have the right and enough undergarments and socks because without them, ugh, the trip would stink. Keeping them severally or in sealed plastic bags will definitely help not only in packing but giving quick access and clean clothes free from the odor. 

Now, do not forget to pack your motorcycle gear, like a motorcycle jacket, rain suit, and an extra pair of gloves. Most probably you will not forget the jacket and trousers because you should be wearing them during riding. packing snacks, water, important documents, credit cards, and cash is very important if you do not want to ruin your trip. 



Yes, overpacking is also a thing and happens. Reading the previous paragraph you must have thought that it is all going to be alright because of you never under pack. Well, now you have to be careful of overpacking. Filling too much stuff that all the time you are just worrying about your bags and luggage. It is okay to make these mistakes a few times because everyone has their different balance between things and you have to find yours. For that we suggest that start with smaller trips and then when you have it all good, plan for a longer one. Don’t buy some crap over the internet over this and establish your own balance which you can only do by experimenting and with experience. Planning and packing always go according to your route and stay. If staying in hotels or motels you don’t have to bring a tone of undergarment because you can wash and reuse. But it goes another way around for camping. 

Bringing your new gear

Bring New Motorcycle Gear

Mostly rookie and new riders make these kinds of mistakes. Motorcycle trips are no time to test and try out your new gear. Hell, even a freshly repaired motorcycle should not be taken to tours directly. Make sure you like and are comfortable with what you will be wearing and riding. finding out the helmet is too tight to further travel with just a few hundred miles into the trip wrecks everything. Tip, travel at least several miles with your new gear before deciding if it is the right one for tours. 

No alternative funding

No Alternative Funds

No extra cash, credit card keeps getting declined, and the bank says it will take a day or two to get it activated. Oh, we all know what those one or two days mean. If you do not want to be in this kind of situation always keep cash with you. Pro-tip, hide some cash or keep it separately from rest because if you lose that you should have some at hand in case of emergency. Take precautionary measures on getting the wallet stolen, but the first thing to do is report it if stolen.

No spare key

Single Key

No spare key lost the only you had, oh, sad for you. It is a much worse situation than it seems while reading this. We do not vent have to explain it more just get a separate key. Not just for the bike but also for the locks you have. Another important thing to note, don’t keep the original and spare keys together. Hide in on your bike or toolkit, under the seat, or behind license plate are some good places for hiding. 

Bottom line

Don’t worry because many experienced riders also have these little mistakes. Take things patiently and think with an open mind. Finding a solution to the problem will is right and the best thing to do rather than just getting frustrated about it and keeping a mean face all along. If no solution is possible you can ask your passenger friend to take a turn or just cope with it.