Features And Functions Of Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets

When it is hot you have a sudden urge to ride the bike in your T-shirt and jeans or shorts. As much as you like the idea, it is not the right thing to do. In this condition, your body is hospitable to abrasions and sunburn. Believe us you would not like that to happen! When riding you should always dress right. Therefore, we suggest our best summer motorcycle jackets so you can comfortably ride and enjoy.

When it is scorching hot outside and you still must protect yourself and be safe. Keeping minimum layers to the body with proper protection is the key. This is where summer biker jackets come in the game. Of course, leather is not a choice, or more likely, not a better choice in this case. Even if the leather jacket is perforated and ventilated too, it will always be heavy and warm compared to summer-specific jackets. Leather sure looks cool but it is not the answer. Plus, leather is not waterproof so absorbing water can make it heavier and shorten its life. 

Keeping the air flowing and being hydrated thus maintaining the lower body temperature are all important. Summer jackets make sure these things. You do not have to go out in T-shirts because it is possible to balance safety, style while staying cool. Viking Cycle is a great place where you can find a great jacket.

This iron born textile jacket is just awesome with air flowing through, breathable and soft, armored protection, and high comfort. CE rated armor in shoulders, elbows, and spine will keep you safe. While its night reflective panel will keep you visible to others. Adjustable straps give perfect fitting and removable insulation makes the jacket functional for three kinds of weather. It is also water-resistant to a high level and windproof. 

These above-mentioned features and specifications are a sign of motorcycle jackets made for summers. Reading the features one can conclude that textile and mesh are the two types of summer biker jackets. 

Difference between Textile and Mesh jackets?

Textile jackets are different than mesh jackets and there are some differences between the two. When choosing between the two there are some important things you should know. Because of both aim to do some similar things like keeping you cool and ventilated while giving protection. However, one is better at protection and safety while the second one is better at the ventilation.

The decisions depend on factors like your location, weather, riding style, budget, preference on ventilation or protection, and comfort. Talking about these features this Iron-born jacket for women comes to mind, it is good at ventilation and protection. Have a look and if you like the product you can browse to find some more. 

Other things like brand, company, fitting and size are also most important but we are not going to talk about them here. Basically, both the jackets are meant for summer season but could be used for more seasons by adding thermal liner on the inside. Following is a little detail about both jacket types and in what conditions they are a better choice. 

Textile jackets

These jackets are better at protection compared to mesh. They are windproof and water-resistant or waterproof. Compared to mesh these jackets are better at abrasion resistance but it is not equal to leather even after so many years of research and improvement. Textile jackets can be worn in cold, hot and rainy seasons. As they have the option to add a thermal liner for winters and you can open vents for airflow in summers. Many textile jackets are made waterproof because of the coating done to it. So, waterproof jackets will keep you dry and comfortable in all weathers. This way you can enjoy your ride without worrying and letting yourself open to injuries and abrasions. Check out this multifunction textile jacket by Viking Cycle. 

Textile offers best protection and comfort and to top that they also come in cool different colors and styles. If you do not want to spend too much money on leather then these jackets are the best option. They have a good style and compared to mesh they are more comfortable. These are more expensive than mesh but cheaper than a leather jacket. leather does not like to get wet but these have come far and would easily keep you dry. 

Mesh jackets

Mesh is light and breathable with armored protection which will keep you safe. These are much better at ventilation. However, these mesh jackets are not made for ultimate protection. On the other hand, these jackets are cheaper than textile. But mesh jackets are not windproof and waterproof. Even though these have padding and armored protection textile jackets are still better at protection against impact and abrasions. 

What to choose? 

Your selection of either jacket depends on what are your needs and requirements. When you are selecting a jacket, you should know:

  • How much protection and safety do you want?
  • What would be the weather conditions?
  • Do you need some specific spec in the jacket? 

Check out this textile jacket for women and browse more to find your favorite if you do not like this one. So, if you are going to ride in such weather conditions where humidity will be high and the weather will be hot. Then, the mesh jacket would be better. If you select mesh jackets, your protection will be compromised but not lost. Although these are water-resistant it will not be dry for long. Plus the pockets are less and not so secure on these jackets. Mesh is lightweight and cheaper so if you have tight or low budget but so much protection is not as important to you as staying cool then mesh jackets are a good option. 

If you want better protection and can handle a little bit more heat then textile jackets should be the one you buy. Textile is somewhat heavier than mesh and more expensive. The textile jacket is better at keeping you dry even in heavy rain, compared to mesh. These jackets have multiple internal and external pockets and those are also water-resistant. If you do not have any restriction on budget, want more protection then buy a textile jacket. 

Which one is the safest?

Mesh jackets are for sure capable of protection from major accidents and injuries. They also have protection and safety of armor and padding. However, they are made to stand a certain amount of abrasion and resistance. Definitely a mesh jacket with armor and padding is better at protection compared to mesh without armor.

Textile is still better, armored textile jackets, then mesh. Because they are designed and manufactured keeping in mind that they have to protect. Textile is simply better at protection from abrasions and injuries. The difference comes in material as the textile is made of thicker material. 


The bottom line is, it completely depends on you and your choices for choosing a jacket between these two. But the decision is still dependent on the factors mentioned above. Weigh those factors and then see what you need in order to make sure you are buying what you need. If safety is your priority then all left to compare would be textile jackets with textile jackets on price and quality. Hopefully, you are now able to make the decision better and wisely.