Follow these Instructions to Cover More Distance on Motorcycles

Many aspects determine the miles you can cover on a motorcycle in one day. But you can do some steps that help to cover more miles. All this without compromising your safety! Things like wearing appropriate motorcycle gear, helmets, base layers, etc. help but we usually ignore these things. Without any further ado, let us get to the instructions. 

Beginning and end of the day

Beginning and end of the day

Start your journey as soon as possible. For me 7-8 am is a golden time. You get to see things never did before. On the other end of the day, you can also stop and rest earlier so to wake up and start early again. This helps to add more miles because at dusk there is not much traffic. But be aware that early morning wildlife could be crossing the roads and because of dim light, it is difficult to spot. 

Dress the Type

Wear the right motorcycle apparel

Whether you are going for long or short rides. Either it is a motorcycle trip or traveling from point A to B in the city. Motorcycle gear is essential. Full helmet, armored riding clothes, high visibility jackets, and motorcycle riding boots are a must. Choose the best fit, tight and baggy clothes cause discomfort. Pay attention to important features while buying motorcycle gear. You might feel overwhelmed at first but this way is safe.

Weather Preparation


Weather changes unexpectedly so you should better be prepared for it, especially on long trips. Cross country trips and cross-state trips also bring the same challenges. At one moment it could be hot and next you could be drenched. Vented and waterproof apparel will be your friend in such conditions keeping you comfortable and riding. Don't Forget to take rain gear with you. 

Protection from Noise

Protection from Noise In Motorcycle Trip

If you’re not used to long-distance riding jumping to the grand tour will obviously kill you. So, we recommend taking some practice and progressing step by step. In the beginning, the wind hitting you feels energizing but if the same continues for hours, you’ll have a headache,  fatigue, etc. Decent windshield, earplugs, and properly fitted full-face helmet can save you. Other than wind heavy traffic and honking is also problematic. 

Riding position and comfort

Riding position and comfort

Few hours of riding on a bad seat and you won’t be able to move. Good seat and decently placed handlebars and foot-pegs offer a comfortable riding position. So, you can go a long way without getting tired. Apart from this, you should also change your riding position a little. A seat with backrest is also a good option you can try.

Pack Map and GPS

Motorcycle GPS Map

While maps and GPS are important you should not be looking constantly on them. If you want to have a clear detailed look stop aside and then study the map or GPS. Get back on the road and keep looking ahead. Paper maps can work where your GPS cannot if you know how to read one. 

Use Wireless Communication

Wear Bluetooth Helmet

Bluetooth-equipped helmets can kill boredom and help by playing music, hearing map instructions, communicating with other drivers, and much more. So, put on the cruise control and enjoy the ride. 

Rest, Eat, and Enjoy 

Rest, Eat, and Enjoy During Motorcycle Trip

Stop for short breaks like filling the tank etc. and stretch. If you find a worthy spot stop and enjoy the view then carry on. Drink and eat before you start to feel thirsty and hungry. Munching on snacks and sipping water on the way will save time and keep you energized. For water you can take one end of the long straw and put it in the bottle, that is in the backpack, and get another end near your mouth. This way you won’t have to stop for drinks. 

Inspect the bike

Inspect The Motorcycle

Check the bike every time you get off and before getting on the bike. Inspect tires, sprocket, look for oil and antifreeze leakage. Attend to every small thing you note because if not attended at the time it could cause big problems. Signing up for a Motorcyclist Roadside Assistance can get you to safety which is like a blessing on trips. 

Don’t wait until you are thirsty but don’t drink too much. Make sure you have enough water for the road. Be safe on the roads, keep your eyes on the road and happy travels.