Group VS Solo Motorcycle Traveling

When planning a motorcycle trip there is always an option between-group motorcycle traveling and solo traveling. While both hold some advantages and disadvantages having some upsides in both it is tricky to choose. If you don’t know or want to know more about whether solo or group travel would be good for you, this is the right place. The question is should you travel alone or not. Is this the first time? This first-time motorcycle touring guide might come in handy, have a look.

Solo Motorcycle Traveling 


Solo traveling brings freedom. You travel, stop, eat, sleep and do everything when you feel like it. It even allows you to bring a sudden change in plans or extend your stay at someplace for longer. It brings more traveling confidence in you like more you travel and spend time on the road more it enhances your skills as a motorcycle traveler. Setting up a camp, eating, riding and everything seems like new opening new opportunities to you. Getting a place to sit at a restaurant is one prime benefit of traveling alone, mostly. Want peace and quiet self-time, solo traveling can surely give you that. Less expense and more luggage space. 

However, it comes with some disadvantages too. It requires more expertise, taking care of yourself, luggage, and bike. You don’t have anyone to share things with. It can feel lonely at times. Things like setting up a tent, cooking, etc. can be tiring.  

Traveling With a Passenger


The next option is traveling with a passenger. Depending on the passenger it can either be a blessing or a curse. If the person shares you ingest you two would have a great time. If they know how to drive you can take turns and relax for a bit. But it is important to know and understand each other before. Less space to pack motorcycle gear for yourself, have to spend more money, steering and controlling the bike would be difficult. 

Group Motorcycle Traveling 


Group traveling offers a good time when you’ll sit together, memories are made, expenses are shared, you always have help available, boredom won’t kill you even when riding the bike, as you can talk over the Bluetooth communicator. Security and safety not just for you but the bike, luggage, and your items would be better. In difficult situations whether it be some weird sound from the bike or lost keys. Traveling alone could be overwhelming in a strange place. Group traveling, and even traveling with a passenger, gives a secure feeling. Plus, you learn hand gestures and ways to communicate. Also, you might have heard safety is always in numbers.

Someone is always late in a group or left behind, deal with that! You might have more responsibilities like looking out for a gas station, waking people up in the morning, etc. Safety is better in groups, but if things are not clear or anyone is being impatient security and safety could collapse and cause issues. If the group cancels you have to go alone or let all the reservations go to waste. Arguments and little quarrels can happen. Eating, refiling, check-ins, and check-outs, etc. just take longer.

Now the question is do you trust that group or not. If you don’t, it still is recommended to travel in a group because they would help you out in situations which could waste too much of your time, effort, and give tension otherwise. Try to find specialized groups who have good nature, are professionals, friendly and helpful. Do proper research before joining.

Bottom line

Now that the pros and cons of each type of motorcycle traveling are before your eyes, it would be better and easier to decide. Group motorcycle traveling is a personal recommendation, I have always liked it, there are cons but they are worth it. If that is not an option I would recommend traveling with a partner. In the end, it is you who has to decide and spend that time so you know better what suits your nature.