How to Identify the Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets?

When you are going for a ride the most important piece of gear is a motorcycle jacket. Usually and mostly the riders choose leather motorcycle jackets because it looks cool is trendy and fashion-forward plus it provides good protection against abrasion. However, when it is the summer season you cannot wear leather when it is boiling hot outside. This is where textile jackets are useful. The question is how can you know which are the best textile motorcycle jackets? There is nothing to worry about because in this buying guide we will let you know the features and functions of the best textile jacket. 

When buying a textile jacket

When you are going to buy a jacket these things sure come to mind:

  • Protection
  • Comfort
  • Durability and Reliability
  • Price

This women’s textile jacket is amazing, have a look. No matter what textile jacket it is, sports, cruiser or any other, these things are a must. There are many reviews and sites where you will find that there are other jackets better than textile but it is not true. These are the ultimate jackets that you can get. Textile jackets have the most advanced protection features available the sweet thing about these jackets is that you can use them in winters and summers as well. Following are some features following which you can identify the best textile biker jackets.

  • Protection

First and foremost, the important thing for all the riders is safety and protection. Bike riding is a dangerous sport but you do not have to worry because you can gear up properly and enjoy the ride. Protection comes in different shapes and forms in a motorcycle jacket, here are they!

  • Protection from abrasions

Starting from the very basic, the outer layer of your jacket needs to be of good and high abrasion-resistant material because it will protect your skin from abrasions. For this, leather is the first choice but since leather is not much of a feasible option in summer we switch to textile. It is lightweight along with its breathability. Thicker the jacket better the protection. These textile biker jackets also keep you comfy and protected. A perfect example of the top-quality textile jacket with great protection and many other features is this 

  • Armored protection

Armored protection

Moving on to the next category of protection we have armored protection. With the passage of time, the level of protection for bike riders has improved. So, we got introduced with armor in the jacket. Then the armor was categorized and standardized by CE, i.e. Certification Europe. As of now, there are 3 levels of armor 1, 2, and 3; with 1 being least and 3 most protective. Usually, jackets have it included in areas like elbows and shoulders which are the most important. The best jacket includes it to back and chest as well. 

The sole purpose of the armor is to reduce the magnitude of the impact and protect your main parts from getting damaged. You should always choose the jacket which has CE approved armor, further go for level 3 armor if you can! 

  • Padding


Padding is not as effective as armor and that is one of the reasons why it is not included in most jacket. However, padding to vital areas could prove to be very beneficial and protective in case of any accidents. It does not add much weight, does not restrict your motion in any way but sure does provides good protection in return.

  • Night visibility

Night visibility

Being visible to others is essential for a rider because lots of accidents at night happen because the rider was not visible on the road. To prevent accidents because of that simple solution is to wear a high visibility jacket. Of course, you would not like to wear a motorcycle jacket and then on top of that you wear a visibility jacket. Although you can, why do you need to do that when you have high visibility in a textile jacket. 

Check out this textile jacket by Viking Cycle it has all the protective features along with others that you would like! Night visibility jackets have reflective panels or lining which reflect at night and seem normal otherwise. It is very useful and helpful during fog preventing accidents. 

  • Comfort


Comfort is an important thing for bike riders because you do want to keep adjusting and get irritated by your jacket all the time instead of enjoying the ride. After protection comfort is the most important thing that a good jacket should have. 

  • Soft collar

Most of the times jackets have collars that mess with the rider by either disturbing the helmet or being itchy. Because the collar is going to be in constant contact with neck it should not be hard, rough, or itchy. The best textile motorcycle jackets’ collars have soft fabric fleece or whatever. 

  • Ventilation options

Ventilation is needed in a jacket especially in summer jacket. Because you need protection and safety a motorcycle jacket is made thick to protect skin and armors is also added to it. When it is warm outside and you are sweating a good textile jacket with vents would help a lot. Because textile is not warm like the leather you would feel cool and relaxed opening the vents. Usually, the vents are zippered and windproof so that you can close them during winters. Opening vents makes you ride comfortably as you are sweat-free. This textile jacket with zippered vents is very good, do check it out.

  • Removable liners

Removable Liners

Removable liners are as important as ventilation because ventilation keeps you comfortable during summer. While the inner thermal liners give you needed warmth and comfort during winters. A jacket with removable thermal liner is mostly good for three or two seasons at least which makes a great jacket. Amount of warmth you are directly related to the liner you are using. Full sleeve liner is most comfortable and warmer compared to the best type of inner liner. You can choose the liner depending on what you need and where you live.

  • Durability and Reliability


Being durable of a jacket is important because when you are investing in a jacket why should it not be durable. The reliability is important because your life may depend on the jacket as it must protect you from accidents. 

  • Storage

Secure and safe ample storage, if a jacket provides this it is usually a good jacket. Internal and external pockets both are needed because almost all of us have to carry items like wallet, keys, phone, registration and so many other things with us when riding. It will help you a lot in future. It is a must-have feature in the jacket for me. Unsafe storage can lead to items loss!

  • Cuff Closures

The closure is another way wind can easily enter your jacket and make you uncomfortable. Cuff closure is open and facing the crossing wind. If you do not have a durable and right type of cuff closure no matter what you do, you cannot get warm and comfortable. While there are lots of different types of closures like button, zipper, etc. our favorite is strap closure. They are the most durable and reliable ones.

  • Front closures

Front closures

Reliability and durability of your front zipper are very important because you would not want it to leave you all alone in the middle of the ride. To be secure and on the safe side, you can choose and buy the jacket with some buttoned flap covering it. But do not get dependent on the flap and get your zipper fixed as soon as possible. Check out this Textile jacket with great front flap closure with good zipper underneath. 

  • Storm Flaps

Storm flap efficiently covers the jacket and protect the rain or cold from getting inside. Outside or inside storm flaps both are good but we personally prefer outside the front zipper.

  • Price

The prices depend on what you are buying and who is the manufacturer. However, you need to keep in mind that every expensive jacket is not the best and every comparatively cheaper jacket does not tend to be a waste of money. For instance, you can get great quality level 3 CE approved armor, high comfort level, amazing durability, ample storage and great looking jacket in a cheaper price at Viking Cycle.

Looks, style, size and type of jacket is different for everyone else so we did not mention that here. You can choose your favorite color, style, size and all the whatnots by yourself. Just search for it and you will find what you want because there is a jacket for everyone out there. Happy safe summer riding!