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How to Stay Cool and On Track During Summer Motorcycle Rides

Sunny weather, pleasant breeze and long days, there is not a better opportunity to explore nature and its beauty on your favorite motorcycle. But the hot weather can get the best of you. So, you need to be prepared and ready to deal with it so you can enjoy it to your fullest. Riding for several hours is a completely different game than going to the store or city commuting. The following are the ways and tips that you should follow for a better experience. Here are a few tips on how to cover more distance, hey riders have a look at this. 

Keeping yourself hydrated

Stay Hydrated In Summer Motorcycle Ride

Feeling sick because of exposure to high temperature and dehydration is called heat illness, and it is a very real thing. This happens mainly because the water and salts in the body are lost. Thus, the best thing you can do is to drink plenty of water and fulfill the loss. And to get the salts back you can add some salty snacks and sea salt or table salt in your food. 

Stopping the bike after an hour or so to drink water will take more time and reduce the distance you can cover. Hydration packs and backpacks are a good solution that doesn’t take your time and keep you hydrated on the go. Drink water, take a piss, munch on snacks, and stretch as you stop for a gas refill. 

Wear breathable clothes

Wear Breathable

No matter what you do you will be sweating because it's hot. Sweating is good for the body. It helps regulate body temperature by evaporating off the body. Wearing clothes that do not let the sweat evaporate effectively or trap them in the clothing will cause a rise in body temperature and irritation. This can turn out to be the worst of your enemies. 

Thus, wear sweat-wicking base layers that keep the sweat away from the body and let it evaporate. If the base layers are snug it will help with the process better keeping you going for longer and enjoy the ride without any discomfort. 

Wear proper motorcycle riding apparel

Wear proper motorcycle riding apparel

Summer heat might compel you to ride in a T-shirt and shorts but that is not wise. Worst case, you can end up with severe bruises or even worse if anything were to happen. Best case, you can end up becoming the prey of the heatwave which is still not good. The proper motorcycle riding apparel like a ventilated jacket, gloves, and boots, leather chaps or just the protective knee and shin guards with motorcycle riding boots and of course, a full-face motorcycle helmet. 

Ventilated apparel lets you control the flow of air through the jacket with a vent which is usually zippered. Front and back vents will be good enough but if you can find a jacket with vents at armpits your riding experience could be so much improved.

Full face helmets are better at protecting your face and head than any other. If you feel hot you can always open up the visor. But in that case, be sure to wear riding glasses. Motorcycle boots are very important and not to be ignored if you won't keep your feet and ankles in working condition. 

Cooling vest

Wear Cooling Vest

Really hot days can be made better with a cooling vest under your riding jacket. It will keep your core from overheating and let the sweat evaporate too. If that is not your thing then a ventilated jacket will still make the heat bearable. 

Cover up properly

Cover Up Properly

Sun can sneak up and still cause a problem if you aren’t careful. Either cover yourself up properly so that no direct sunlight can tough the skin or apply sunblock. Or you can do both! Places neck and wrist are the places where the sun can cause sunburn. A cooling neck wrap is helpful if you are comfortable with it.

Rest break

Rest Breaks

Constant riding can cause you to lose your focus. One simple way is to stop after a few hours. During the breaks, you can eat, drink, refill the tank, stretch, etc. regain the focus and start fresh. 

Use common sense

Alcohol and caffeine are completely off-limits. Don’t even think of them. Feeling dizzy or tired, go for a short nap or something. Don’t try to be tougher than the sun, ride smart and safe so you can enjoy it.