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Motorcycle Touring Hacks Every Rider Should Know

Riding on two wheels has its own downsides and upsides as everything else does! Motorcycle riding leaves us exposed and open to problems. Sometimes the rides are enjoyable while other times it gets difficult. Then, if touring and trips are added to it things get even more interesting and risky. Especially on long motorcycle trips, if you have never been on one, it is a totally different game. Riding your favorite motorcycle through that scenic northern area of watching a sunset over the sea sure is enjoyable but it also reminds you of your loved ones. Today we are going to let you in on some motorcycling hacks that were rigorously tested and altered over time and finally are here on this list. 

Choosing the ride

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Choosing the ride is the very first thing that you need to do. Either you own a motorcycle or going to rent one, have it completely checked and repairs are done one day prior to the trip. The next thing is to choose a bike according to your trip. Cruiser bikes are good but they fail when it comes to off-roading. Check your route and choose the bike accordingly. Done with the bike? Here is a tip, always do a quick before riding your bike, every time before getting on it.

Choose venture type

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Clearly define what type of tour you will be going on. Will, there be hotel or motel stays or is it camping, would you have time and option to do laundry or not. What and how you pack and plan for the trip depends on these things. However, no matter what it is you should never forget the motorcycle jacket, gloves, helmet, luggage, and money. Rain comes and goes un-invited so we suggest keeping the rain suit at hand and wear it before the rain comes. If you can wear waterproof gear it would be better. 

Advice, start with short distance trips for shorter days, then increase the days and distance gradually as you become comfortable with prior. Long-distance trips are completely different than shorter ones, don’t even think about doing it as your first trip. 

Plan it through 

Plan It Through

Now it is time to plan things like seeing the route and plan where you will be stopping for gas, food, water, sleep, etc. Where the repair stations and mechanics are, just in case. What are the rent charges for rooms and food? Local places to visit, things to enjoy and more than plan the trip accordingly. Pack food, clothes and get fuel accordingly, but don’t forget to protect your stuff along the way. 

Do not bring expensive items whether it be a DSLR or your favorite sunglasses. Losing them would ruin your trip once and for all. Grieving over the loss instead of enjoying the trip is the last thing you would want on the trip. 

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

Don’t even think of doing a race with your friends. Yes, your bike is the most powerful among all and you are the most experienced and professional, even better than moto GP riders. Still, it is neither the time nor place to do anything like that. Keep your distance from other vehicles, tailgating is dangerous and against the law. While parking the bike check if the surface is muddy, get the weight evenly distributed. Most bikes fall over because of too much weight, from the side stand. Seeing your bike collapsed gives the worst feeling, especially on a trip. 

Winter and fog can block your view in winter. The first thing you can do is to open up the visor and let it defog while you enjoy the chilled freezing wind on your face with bugs. The professional way is to get anti-fogging visors or get them coated with fog preventive liquid solution. Check out other important things you need on a motorcycle trip

Wear proper gear

Wear Proper Gear

Whether it be summer, winter, spring or whatever pack properly, always wear a motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, chaps, and shoes. Check the weather forecast when leaving. Choose perfectly fitted and non-damaged gear in which you are comfortable. 

Packing smart

Sunblock, eyeglasses, medications, prescription, hard and soft money, clothes roll packed but leave some space in the luggage so you can pack a souvenir on the way back. Heated gear, scarf, muffler and warm cap during winter should always be with you. Toiletries, snacks, and food according to your stay. Cookery and pan too if you would be camping! Heavy items go at the bottom of the bag.