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The Beginner’s Guide For Different Styles Of Motorcycle Jacket

Over the course of time motorcycle gear has changed a lot. Now there are a lot of different styles of motorcycle riding jackets that you can buy. With proper safety gear, you have confidence and protection when riding. However, you should know which style of motorcycle jacket is best and according to your riding style. choosing the right jacket means a lot so take it seriously because it may help to save your life. This motorcycle jacket buying guide will help you choose the right type of motorcycle Jacket

Choose According to Riding Style

Choosing the right motorcycle jacket will not only help you ride with proper safety and protection but also it will support your style while you look cool in it. 

Jackets Styles

There are different styles of motorcycle jackets so defining them is difficult than it seems. Each type and style of jacket has different functionality for specific riding style. So, if you are going out to buy your motorcycle jacket it is very important for you to know the difference between them. following are different styles of motorcycle jackets and their functionalities. 

Classic jackets

The classic jacket is lightweight and the reason is that it does not have armor. If you just cruise on your bike then these lightweight jackets are just perfect. On the other hand, if you are a speedster then these jackets are not meant for you! These motorcycle jackets are usually cheap too.

Racing bike jackets

A racing motorcycle jacket is on the other end. They are made with high abrasion-resistant material and have armored protection while the best jackets also feature padding. These jackets are aerodynamic to prevent additional drag on the racer. If you are going for this type of jacket make sure it fits you snugly. The main purpose of these is to protect your body in case of accidents.

Touring jackets

Just like you go on a tour on the most comfortable bike so is that case with touring jackets. These jackets’ first and most needed feature is a comfort. Then they need to be ready for different weather conditions along with being highly protected. You can modify the jacket according to your riding style and requirements to protect yourself from the weather. Check out this touring motorcycle jacket by Viking Cycle and have a look at its features too!

For instance, you can remove and add the inner thermal liner during summers and winters respectively. Also, these jackets are supposed to be waterproof too! There are many more features like pockets, material, comfort, etc. which you should also look for before buying. The pockets should be safe and protected too!

Adventure jackets

When going on an adventure make sure you are riding in a proper adventure motorcycle jacket. The weather and terrain could be difficult so the jacket needs to be ready for it. Usually, jackets with tough internal shells are chosen. This has two benefits it protects you from abrasions and second from the weather. For summers there are zippered vents that you can open and let air pass through. 

The internal and external pockets are safe and secure to carry all the items you need. If you are looking for such a jacket then… 

Off-road biker jackets

Off-roading jackets are tough and not like any other, this is because they face conditions that are tough. Riders need their jackets to be functional and perform best in different weather conditions. These jackets have high armor protection, are waterproof, windproof, have zippered air vents and there are many more features to these. The zippered and jacket is waterproof and windproof to keep the rider as safe and possible. In summer vents let air flow keeping the body cool. Some riders just wear windbreakers on top and underneath they have separate armor. 

Types of Jackets

Just like the different styles, there are some types of jacket. The two main types of jackets are leather and textile. Following are the types of jackets and the benefit of each one.  


Cafe Premium Leather Motorcycle Jacket

If you are looking to buy some good quality leather jacket then here is one! Leather is a classic style and is very good to protect your skin against abrasions. Along with that, they are fashionable and stylish too! Leather became a fashion statement and prime choice of riders with the passage of time. But it has some limitations too! Leather is heavy and black color soaks up heat. It is water-resistant and eventually soaks water if exposed to it for a long time. 


Ironborn Textile Jacket

Textile jackets are versatile, lightweight, breathable, and waterproof. They are better at ventilation and easily made waterproof. Textile jackets are better at protection against rain. However, these jackets are not as good as leather for protection against abrasion and scrapes. Viking Cycle has some of the cheapest and most reliable top-quality mesh jackets available in the market. You should definitely check this mesh jacket out!


Warlock Black Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Mesh jackets are special and build for summer. They are super cheap, heavily breathable, and ventilating. But in order to get cool in summers via these mesh jackets, you must compromise on the protection. 


A combination of leather, textile, and mesh in a jacket gives off a jacket that is versatile, highly abrasions resistant and best for summer. So, you can say that the combination jacket is an all-season jacket. Usually, you get removable liner with these jackets for protection from cold. If you do not get one you can buy one separately. 

Choosing the jacket

Choosing the right type and style of motorcycle jacket is very important because your life is dependent on it. Women often have difficulty finding one but not to worry because this women leather jacket is just what you want. You do not want to get the motorcycle jacket that is loose or tight or the one that does not have protection, etc. So, how can you choose the right one? First of all, you need to understand what is your riding style and type then you need to search for that specific style jacket. Above we have discussed different styles and types of motorcycle jackets. Go over those to know which one suits you! Then comes the part where you must choose the jacket. There would still be a lot of jackets against one type and style. 

In this condition what can and should you do? Just going for any or cheaper jacket is not how it should be done. At some point, it will feel like a rock to you but you have to bear through that in order to get the best one for yourself. To make your life a little easier and simple following are the things you should look for in the motorcycle jacket style that you want to buy. 

Protection and safety

Asger Gray Textile Motorcycle Jacket With CE-level Removable Armor

Armored protection in a motorcycle jacket is very important. It protects you in case of crash and accident. The armor is usually included in key areas of the body, which are back, elbows, shoulders, and chest. The jackets with armor to back and chest are mostly expensive too. Some jackets allow you to easily remove the armor, if you feel like it, while others do not. There are two types of armors rigid, and flexible. The flexible armor is not as protective as a rigid one but it is comfortable. Purpose of the armor is to protect your key areas of the body by reducing the severity of the impact on them. Thus, it saves you from severe damage and injuries, in some cases, it is also effective in saving your life. 

Night visibility is one of the important features often forgotten. It is important for a rider to wear night visible jacket because most of the night road accidents happen because the rider was not noticeable on the road. Here is a textile jacket for women that is protective and night visible, it has many other features as well. 

High quality

Quality of jacket is not limited to its material or outer shell. There are different types of jacket and different manufacturers so each one has some up-sides and some downsides. To get the jacket that is best you should know which one is best for you! First, the shell should be thick and abrasion-resistant. Then buttons and zippers are of high quality and fluent. Next thing is the stitching and finally the level of comfort and ease you get from the jacket while riding. 

Wind and waterproof

Windproof and waterproof jackets are very important for the people living in cold and/or rainy climates. You do not want yourself to get wet and lose the grip and focus. So, these types of jackets will keep you dry and comfortable. If your jacket is not one of these then you can get a waterproof layer and wear it over the jacket. 

Mid-layers & Liners

Mid-layers and liners are to keep you warm and cozy. During winter sometimes just a jacket does not work, or for some people, jackets are not enough in this case you add a liner to your jacket which keeps you warm. 


The right size jacket is the one that fits you snugly. Getting the jacket with right fitting is significant because if the jacket is loose of tight then protection, safety, comfort, and your riding experience would be compromised. Right fitting makes sure the above-mentioned things with another one! It makes sure you look good in the jacket.