Top Motorcycle Tours in Spain: Motorbike Holidays, Guided Tours and Rentals

Are you dreaming of a two-wheeled adventure in Spain? The following motorcycle tours in Spain explore each region's scenic routes, sights, and culinary delights. Prepare to be in a state of constant awe as you navigate the ancient city streets to sights such as the Santiago De Compostela Cathedral in Galicia or the beautiful Alhambra Palace in Andalusia.

One of the lesser-known truths about Spain is the incredible riding opportunities it offers.

We dive into the best ways to explore this diverse country during your motorcycle holiday and what options you can choose from for your tour of Spain below.

Best Motorbike Holidays: Spain

A motorbike holiday in Spain is a bucket list item for most European motorcyclists. It offers you incredible places to stay while traveling along the coast and through beautiful mountains on well-kept roads.

motorcycle Road in spain - Motorcycle Tour Guide Spain

Hispania Tours

Companies like Hispania have built a name by providing unforgettable motorbike holidays in Spain. They are great partners to have on your trip, whether it’s a private tour, group tour, or self-drive tour.

During a Hispania-led trip, you can expect to stay away from the busy roads. The Andalusia Classic Tour covers the region’s numerous mountains bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. With incredible food and comfortable places to stay along the way, this is a motorcyclist's paradise.

IMT Bike Tours

IMT motorcycle tours are an official Partner of BMW Motorrad and offer some of the best bike tours and rentals. These adventure motorcycle tours start in Spain, Morocco, Portugal, France, and Italy and are led by experts in each region.

You’ll feel comfortable joining an IMT tour in Spain as the instructors follow a professionally designed route to include the best roads in the country.

Best Motorcycle Tours in Spain

If you are looking for low hassle European motorcycle tours, Spain offers some great roads to hold your throttle open on. Below are ideal tours for a confident rider looking to explore the best roads in Spain.

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Barcelona on a Scrambler Ducati

Barcelona is one of the best cities to live in, and it is also the starting point of an incredible Ducati motorcycle tour of Spain. These stylish 800cc bikes provide you with an unforgettable experience on beautiful roads winding through the pine forests.

Leave Barcelona to explore the region's food, songs, and sights during a two-day tour to La Costa Brava.

Trail Riding Guided Tour in Andalusia

This six-day touring experience takes you through forest trails and is ideal for all-terrain riders who want to tackle on-road and off-road. Less experienced riders are welcome to ask for tuition ahead of time, and routes can be adjusted to meet your riding ability.

Get acquainted with your rental bike and guide in Vélez de Benaudalla before starting your trip. You’ll be paired up with a trusty BMW or Honda motorcycle to travel the 500-miles around Granada and the Sierra Nevada. The tour includes accommodation and breakfast throughout your travels, so you can ease into the riding.

Trail Riding Guided Tour in Andalusia

Pyrenees Mountain Range Tour

Travel the length of the Pyrenees Mountain Range from Barcelona to San Sebastian for an unforgettable motorcycle trip. As a bonus, the route lets you visit Andorra and France during the ten days of riding.

With perfect asphalt and beautiful curves, these mountain roads are genuinely magnificent. You’ll want a comfortable motorcycle jacket and a pair of gloves to take on this 1373-mile round route.

Santiago De Compostela Tour

Complete your version of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage as you explore the north of Spain. Set off from Barcelona in the Northeast of Spain before traveling along the Pyrenees Mountains to reach the Basque Country. Soak in the smells and flavors of the Cantabrian coast while heading west.

This 23-day tour of Spain is a holiday you won’t soon forget. The 3200-mile round route winds through Spanish dream towns like Oviedo, Pamplona, San Sebastian, and Santiago de Compostela.

Touring Motorcycle Rental

Choosing the right motorcycle to rent for your trip will depend on where you are traveling from, and the style of riding you would like to do. Below are the three most popular motorcycle rentals for touring in Spain.

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Harley Davison

What bike would you rather be seen riding on? A Harley Davison is recognizable anywhere in the world as a symbol of freedom. Start your trip in Costa Blanca or Madrid with a HOG of your choice before taking to the open road.

Touring BMW Motorcycle

You can rent BMW motorcycles ideal for touring with engine sizes from 310cc to 1600cc. Meet at the rental center in either Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, or Bilbao before signing the paperwork and heading off on your Spanish adventure.

Honda Africa Twin

Pick up one of these iconic touring motorcycles in Barcelona for your Spanish adventure. The 998cc motorcycle has plenty of torque, yet it still feels light and effortless to ride.

FAQ About Motorcycle Touring

The answers to the following frequently asked questions about Spain’s motorcycle tours may be of assistance to you.

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Can you Rent Spanish Motorcycles as a Tourist?

Yes, you can rent a motorcycle in Spain as long as you hold an international permit alongside your valid motorcycle driver's permit. The rental company may have unique requirements. Most accept ages over 25 and ask for a deposit to be held until the return of the motorcycle.

Can you Bring Your Own Bike to Spain?

Yes. However, the requirements depend on where you are traveling from. Traveling across borders once in Europe is easy, bringing your bike across from the United States may prove more difficult.

If you are willing to take on this expensive and time-consuming process, make sure you read all the details about temporary import requirements like a carnet-de-passage.

Can You Join a Tour as a Beginner Rider?

It depends, as each tour is different. As a beginner rider, you should feel comfortable riding a motorcycle in a group before attempting to join a tour. Spain’s longer routes, congested city streets, and technical off-road sections are suited to intermediate riders.

Read our safety tips to help you become a more conscientious rider.

Motorbike Tours in Spain

From smooth freeways to the rough off-road routes and sandy deserts, Spain has motorbike tours for all riding styles. You deserve to see the Pyrenees Mountains, Cantabrian coastline, and the trails through Andalusia.

Have you toured through Spain on your motorcycle? Share the highlight of your trip in the comments below.