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Touring Tips That Will Make Your Motorcycle Trip Better

Riding smart is the key when it comes to motorcycle trips and tours. Your motorcycle could be the best one but little mistakes would turn things upside down. Thinking it through and planning everything is very good. However, we are here with some advice about what will make your motorcycle trips smooth and enjoyable. After years of traveling and testing, we have come up with the following tips for you so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Pack small

Pack Small

Packing is different for everyone and depends on many things like distance, motorcycle, stay, etc. Whichever is your type always pack small? Too many things will become a burden and you won’t use all the clothes. Keep it to minimum essentials and forget things you can buy on the go. Keep this rule in mind, cut the clothes to half you think are needed and double the money you think is needed. Never forget the deodorant. Mountain areas can be chilly even during summer so pack and wear accordingly.

Rolled up clothes 

Rolled up clothes

If you want to save space while packing then believe us, rolled up clothes take less space. You can try it if you don’t believe. Many riders and travelers are saving space like this, it is true. 

Full sleeves

Viking Cycle Full Sleeve Denim Shirt

During summer the urge to drive in tank top or t-shirt and shorts is real but it will hurt you bad. Sunburn can happen during riding too. Plus, to protect the skin from dust, etc. keep the long and full sleeve shirts on. While in winter you don’t have any other choice. Direct sunlight can cause dehydration, sunburn, and your uncovered arms may look tanned comparatively.

Right gear

Viking Cycle Rain Suit

Whether it be hot, cold, or rainy weather wearing the right gear will save you from many difficult situations. Layering for winter riding, wearing a rain suit or waterproof pants and motorcycle jacket, and ventilated jackets during summer will help in comfortable riding experience. 

Dress in layers

Dress in layers

Dressing in layers is the best way either it is summer or winter. Early in the morning or night drives in summer are bit cold and as the day passes by temperature rises you can take layers off. It is easy to adjust yourself accordingly this way while saving space in your luggage and forgetting the hustle to finding proper gear to wear when needed. Jackets with multiple airflow vents are on top of the best summer riding gear.

Realistic commitment 

Commit to travel a distance and be realistic about the distance you must travel. Keep it a little flexible don’t jam-pack everything because delay in one can cause chaos. Take breaks while traveling, remember that you have to cover the distance and keep yourself sane. Think of it like a marathon, not a sprint.



When choosing a bike for motorcycle traveling, your own bike, rent, and guided tours are the options available. Choose either one that suits you but be sure to have it checked properly and complete all the work it requires at least one day before the trip. Whosever the bike is the repair kit, tools, and other major accessories should always be available. Make sure to maintain the balance of the bike by properly packing the bags.


Eyecare  while riding

Of course, eye protection is very important and essential, some states even made it compulsory to wear glasses. Either you are going to travel through that state or not keep the glasses with you. The helmet is also compulsory! Don’t bring your expensive or favorite eyeglasses because losing or breaking them would be sad. The visor cleaning kit is a must-have too! 

Capturing the moment

Capturing the moment With Camera

If you are traveling in groups decide which friend will bring the camera, if you can agree on that. Whatever the decision we don’t take that huge, professional, bulky camera on a motorcycle trip, because it is a motorcycle trip. Mirrorless cameras are compact, lightweight and do the job well. If not, your phone camera could prove to be great.