What Are The Key Essentials Of Best Motorcycle Riding Jackets?

This is a motorcycle jacket buying a guide which lets you know how you can find the best motorcycle jackets and what to look for. 

Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jacket or biker jacket, whatever you like to call it, are the jackets that are specially made and designed to wear by a rider when riding the bike. Typically, these jackets are made of leather or textile material. The leather used for these jackets is animal hide because it provides the best protection against scrapes and abrasions. Best jackets also have additional safety along with the leather, in case you chose leather jackets, which is armored protection. Armor is added to the jackets in areas i.e. elbows, shoulders, back, and chest which are most prone and open to damage to protect your body in case of an accident. 

Why do you need a jacket?

There are several reasons why do you need a motorcycle jacket. Because the biker jackets are made for you when riding so there must be some reason why you should wear them when riding! The most popular reason for wearing a motorcycle jacket especially a leather jacket is that it makes you look cool and stylish plus it is trendy. Well, it is completely true but there are better and important reasons for you wearing motorcycle jackets. 

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Jacket

The first and foremost, the most obvious one, is that these jackets keep the riders weather protected. These jackets cannot protect against all injuries but CE Approved armor jackets reduce the severity of injuries and protect your vital body parts. Along with the above mentioned, there are still many little benefits that you get. Like adding an extra layer of protection to get protection from the weather. Adding a layer that keeps you warm and protected. There are different types of jackets that will keep you protected whether it be rain, cold, sun or wind. Here is a textile jacket that you should check out, it is one of the best motorcycle jackets by Viking Cycle.

Wearing a biker jacket is the easiest way to protect yourself while riding then comes sensible driving. Because most of the accidents that happen at night are because someone could not see the bike rider. One simplest way is that you wear a jacket that is highly visible at night. Apart from protection, safety, night visibility, and style that you get because of these jackets, there is another feature. The characteristic of the best motorcycle jacket along with all others is that it gives plenty of storage space in the form of safe and secure internal and external pockets. 

Using regular jacket as biker jacket?

Just because you see rides wearing some jacket does not mean that regular jackets can be used in place of your biker jackets. Motorcycle jackets are different as they have thick leather and on top of that those jackets also have armored protection. The best biker jackets would have CE approved armor. Here is a leather jacket check it out! NOTE: you should go for the CE approved armor because it is reliable. Wearing your everyday jacket on the bike is a risk. 

If you are willing to take that risk you are more than welcome but know that it will not provide the same level of protection. If you are still wanting to risk and want to wear your favorite jacket then make sure it is thick enough. The textile jacket is also good but the leather provides better protection against abrasion so that is why! This one is without any doubt the top-notch leather motorcycle jacket for women. If you want a good jacket buy this!

Features to look for

What are the key features that you should look for in a motorcycle jacket? What is there to look for, how to identify a good motorcycle jacket? These are the question most of the people ask when they buy or want to buy a motorcycle jacket. Well, there is nothing to worry about as there are not many features to remember. Following are the features that you should look for:


The material jacket is made from should be of high quality whatever the material is. Each type of material has its upsides and downsides. Whether you like textile or leather your focus should be on quality and how genuine the material is. You might have a personal choice or preference in what you like but leather is just better at protection than textile, just so you know! Choice of material also depends on what are the climate conditions where you live or are going to ride. If it is summer or hot then avoid leather and go for textile. In summer ventilated textile is better. If you want to have a look at a jacket like that, enforcer vented textile jacket by Viking Cycle is basically what you are looking for. 


Armored protection for riders is as important as it is for you to ride. The most reliable and safe armors in the jacket are titled as CE approved armor. Typically, the armor is added to areas like elbows and shoulders. Going a level up and investing a little more you can get armor to the chest and backside of jackets. It is included in these areas because they are vital and most likely to get hurt in case of an accident. 

Viking Armor Jacket

Rigid and flexible are the two types of armors. The flexible armor is usually called padding and it is added to joints for reducing the impact while the rigid armor is hard. The latter is better at protection while the former one is more comfortable, comparatively. Usually, women had to do extensive research to find the right armored jacket but not anymore! By the way, all the jackets by VC are CE approved and best in protection should check out others as well! Here is one CE approved women motorcycle jacket.


Check for the visibility, that is either the jacket has night visibility or not. Night visibility is very important because it can save you from many accidents and damages to yourself and the bike. Jackets these days, mostly textile but some leather jackets also, have reflective panels and lining that reflect light during the night making others aware of your presence on the road. 


Black colored jacket is the most popular and bought. It is the number one choice for riders, especially for leather jackets. However, if you do not want to be the part of the norm and be unique in your own way there are plenty more colors that you can choose from. 


The style of the jacket is also important and should be according to your riding style. For instance, if you ride a cruiser bike then buy a cruiser motorcycle jacket, if you ride dirt bike then dirt bike jacket is best for you so on and so forth. Choose the style wisely!

Comfort and reliability

Comfort and reliability of the jacket are very important and play an important role in rider having a comfortable and enjoyable ride. One simple thing you can do is to wear the jacket and move around to find out, or just trust your instincts!

Finding the right size and fitting

When buying the jacket size matters a lot. If the jacket is armored, comfortable and everything it should be but you have the small or larger size it will mean nothing. The protection will not be efficient and then you will be blaming the jacket. Before buying make sure the size is right for you, check the measurements. Know what you are buying. Most of the jackets have adjustable features. Like waist, back, armhole and arm straps for perfect fitting. Make yourself comfortable with what you are buying and then go for it. 

Types of motorcycle riding jackets

Different types of motorcycle jacket are best for different rides. Just like we mentioned above a specific type of jacket is made for a specific type of bike riding. Apart from that, there are jackets for summers, winters, and rainy seasons. Some jackets are also known as all-weather simply meaning they can be worn throughout the year with little modification. For instance, you open the zippered vents in summers, add a liner in winters, and in rain, it automatically protects because it’s waterproof. 

There are so many jackets that you can choose from, at Viking Cycle. Mostly women wander a lot to find a jacket for themselves and then search for the jacket that is right for them. Now you can easily choose and find a top-quality jacket with many features and functions. Just have a look at this women textile mesh jacket which is water-resistant, windproof, breathable, and armored. All these and many other different styles and types of jackets have a main and major goal and that is to protect your body and keep you safe. Again, they reduce the impact and severity of it not completely eliminate it! Browse more to find your favorites and enjoy safe riding.