What Features To Look For When Buying Adventure Motorcycle Jackets

When you are going on a tour you must ditch your regular motorcycle jacket and get yourself a touring and adventure motorcycle jacket. Because you must get a jacket that can keep up with different environments and your touring. The best jacket has protection and safety features, breathability, tough material, comfort and many other features to make your ride easy and pleasurable. One of the most important things to look for in an adventure jacket is the storage and night visibility. Along with all these features, you should also look good and stylish. 

These motorcycle jackets are designed to protect you while keeping your style intact. It stands well against cold, heat, snow, mud, rain and other environmental challenges. The best jacket is the one that has all the above-mentioned abilities. So, no matter what type of touring or adventure you are going on these jackets will be helpful and give you the best riding experience. 

Adventure Motorcycle Jacket Types

Adventure Motorcycle Jacket Types

There are two types of adventure biker jackets, one that comes with an internal thermal liner and other that does not. This is the sole difference between the two types of jackets, other than that, everything is the same for both. They have an outer shell which is highly abrasion resistant and made of tough material. For additional protection, it also has CE approved armor in key areas of the body, like the back, elbows, and shoulders. Both types of jackets are also breathable and have zippered vents for ventilation. In addition to that, it also has night reflective panel that helps you keep visible to others at night. The inner liner is removable for those which have it. While you can buy a liner of your choice, depending on your riding conditions, budget and other things and add it to when you like. 

There are some key features and things to look for in an adventure jacket when you are planning to buy them. The jacket that has all of them is the perfect one but if you cannot find one that has it all then the jacket with most features is what you should opt for. Here is a perfect touring motorcycle jacket with awesome protection, check it out now! Following features are not listed in order of preference, you can choose and prefer the features you like or need the most in the jacket. So, with further ado let's get into it! 

Armor Protection Jacket

Almost all the best motorcycle adventure jackets have added CE approved armor. Because when riding and especially going on an adventure on the bike your protection is the most important and first requirement. If you have ever fallen from the bike you know how important and life saving the protection is for a rider. Along with that you also need good quality and abrasion-resistant outer material, which we talked about previously. The armor reduces the severity of impact while it protects your vital body parts efficiently. 

Do not forget or ignore these things because your life is dependent on it. When you know that your jacket has proper protection and safety you could easily focus on the road and enjoy your ride rather than worrying. Safety comes first, always! Try to buy the jacket with CE approved armor. 

Adventure Jacket Material

The outer material or outer shell of the jacket is very important because it is the only thing that protects. It protects your skin against abrasion in case of a fall or accident, water, wind, and many other things. It is the material that must keep the water or moisture out otherwise you would be wet. The point is that basic and the first thing that you should check and that must be the best is outer material. 

Then comes time to check the quality of other materials. Like you should check and satisfy the zipper quality and if it is fluent or not. Then see if the snap closure and buttons are heavy duty and sturdy or not. This touring jacket by Viking Cycle is super comfortable with lots of other features.


After protection, the thing that riders seek most is a comfort. Especially when you are going on an adventure you need a jacket that is super comfortable otherwise would want to get rid of it very soon. Long rides without comfort will irritate and make you tired in an instant. This could cause problems as you progress on your journey. That is why the adventure jackets have just the perfect combination of removable liners, adjustable straps, closures, etc. which improves your riding experience. 



Adventure jackets are breathable, as they must deal with different weights so breathability is important. It lets a great amount of air to your body and in return, your body remains cool. Breathability feature of these jackets come in handy and saves things from heating up. For more airflow, the jackets also have zippered vents. 



Talking about breathability and vents you must have thought of ventilation. The ventilation is important and helps a lot in summers. You do not want to get yourself suffocated just to remain safe. This is one of the reasons why leather is not the best choice in summer! You can easily remove the inner liner and open the vents to enjoy the summer ride. This way you would have ventilation and without the sweat, you can easily enjoy your ride. When you like you can close the zippered vents blocking the ventilation and adding thermal liner which will keep you warm. 

Night Reflection


Reflection at night is also another type of protection and safety feature. According to research, most of the night accidents happen because the rider was not visible to others. So, night reflective panel or lining does not let a rider go unnoticed on the road. Therefore, it saves you from any accidents. Usually, the reflective detailing is on the back and sidearms. These panels seem normal and stylish during day time so it does not ruin your style either. Enforcer touring jacket is the one with special highly reflective panels and all the features you need.



The most beneficial feature of the jacket is its versatility. These jackets keep you safe, comfortable, ventilated and free from sweat, warm and cozy when the time comes, and stylish with lots of storage. You can alter and modify the jacket according to your requirements, needs, and riding conditions. The best jacket also has adjustable straps on the waist so that you can get the fitting of your liking. These usually have multiple layers for your protection. All in all, they are versatile to handle all types of situations and weather. 

Pocket Storage

pocket storage

Going on an adventure touring on the bike you need a jacket with lots of space. Even if you have luggage bags attached to the bike there are some things that you must carry in your pocket. For instance, items like wallet, keys, maps, phone, handsfree, media player, and lots of others cannot be put into a luggage bag. The adventure motorcycle jackets have big enough pockets in which you can easily carry all your required items easily. The pockets are made secure and safe with zippers and water-resistant material fabric. In addition to that, the zippers should not be in a position which can cause abrasion and injury. 

Weather protection


Adventure touring jackets are best to sustain different conditions and keeping you safe. When touring you must face and go through different conditions that are why these are made to protect you from the weather. You can say that these jackets are best for weather protection, which is also one of the best features of these jackets. 


After thoroughly going through the above-mentioned points and keeping them in mind you should now be able to buy the best adventure motorcycle jacket. You should always go for the best because you would not want to compromise either protection, safety, comfort or versatility while riding. Investing in a cheap jacket can cause you a lot of problems. Your life is in danger with cheap protection, invest in the right place and enjoy your ride without any worries.