Best Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Buying Guide

Mesh motorcycle jackets are not as bad as you think, there comes a season when you cannot wear leather jackets. This is when you would need a mesh jacket, like in summers. These jackets are wonderful for summer because they are breathable and lightweight. When you are riding the bike with the proper gear you would not have to worry about the heat and summer. T-shirts, shorts, flip flops, etc. might seem appropriate to ride in but they are not, but you have to stay cool and safe too! Riding without protection is insane but you do not have to do that now. So, we are offering you this terrific gear that will keep you cool and protected on the bike. You do need a mesh jacket in summer but you do not have to worry because in this buying guide we will let you in on the insights.

Mesh Jackets

Mesh biker jackets have the protection you need. They have CE approved armor included to them and they provide better airflow competed to the leather jacket. This Viking Cycle jacket is one of the best mesh jackets that you can get in the market. 

In addition to that, the mesh is not warm like leather. The fact that it is cooler than leather and provides protection makes them the best motorcycle jacket for summer riding. Mesh motorcycle jackets also look cool and stylish, they are according to the latest fashion trends. There are many different jackets available from which you can choose. Following are the things that you should know before or when buying mesh jackets. 

Climate conditions

Your choice of the motorcycle jacket is dependent on the climate conditions you ride in. For instance, you should not choose a leather jacket for the summer season. So, mesh jackets are designed to allow air to pass through with the help of which your body cools down. The mesh jackets use thick fiber and open weave for the purpose of cooling. So, the choice and decision of buying a mesh jacket are highly dependent on the weather. 

Usually, the mesh jackets do not have removable liners because they are designed to have maximum airflow. If you want a mesh jacket with waterproofing or resistance then you should invest a little more. More the jacket gets expensive more features it gets. However, mesh jackets are very cheap compared to leather and textile jackets. Waterproofing makes the mesh jackets a good option for the rainy season. One important thing to note here is that during less hot seasons like autumn you can get sweaty under your jacket. If you are wearing these mesh motorcycle jackets the air flowing through can cause the rider to feel cold or wind chilled. One more downside to the jacket is that moisture can flow through it and make your clothes wet. Because the weave is open and if there is humidity in the air it can easily pass through. What you can simply do to avoid such a situation is to add a layer underneath. Because mesh jackets are not meant for all seasons you have to do some alterations accordingly. 


To get the best mesh jacket for yourself the fitting of the jacket must be good. The jacket you are about to choose or buy should fit you snugly while not restricting your movement. Fitting should be right because if the jacket is moving freely on its own then it would not be able to protect you in case of any accidents. Although these jackets are not best for protection still you should do it right. If you want to add layers underneath the jacket then you can choose a jacket that leaves a little bit of space for that. The oversized jacket would leave your skin bare and exposing it to road and whatnot to get abrasions and scrapes. Of course, you do not want that to happen so make sure the fitting is right before buying. 

If you are buying the jacket with inner liner then be aware, and check out, the jacket seems just fine with a liner but once it is removed it can get oversized. Also, there is a difference between the sizes of different manufacturers and should choose accordingly. When switching between different sizes like Euro and US it is a huge difference and you should keep it in mind as well. The best way is to wear the jacket, with and without the liner if so, and move around to know if it is best for you. 


When it comes to protection, we all know that leather jackets are on top and these mesh jackets have no comparison to them. However, these jackets themselves are protective. To protect you from being hit on the road at night because you were unnoticed it has highly reflective lining and panels. Check out these VC mesh jackets with good protection armor and visibility.

They make sure your presence is noticed by other riders thus keeps you safe. Further, to protect the body from damage in case of an accident it has CE approved armor in key areas. Mostly the jackets have armor included to the shoulders and elbows. 

CE Approved Armour

Some jackets are also offering armor to the back and chest. Now we come on to the outer layer, mesh jackets are low abrasion resistant because the outer layer is not made for it. compared to leather it has no value but again it is not made for it. The purpose of this jacket is to give you as much cooling and air ventilation as possible. To get one thing you must compromise on others. The extra layer, padding, and armor cover it up and overall it gives a good level of protection. With these jackets, you are getting all these features without losing mobility, lightweight, and comfort. 


The mesh jackets are very best at ventilation thus they are the best jackets for summer riding. This mesh jacket will give you the best ventilated comfortable ride. Ventilation is so good because the outer layer of mesh jackets are made of a thicker weave which allows the air to flow through it. In addition to that, some mesh jackets also have zippered ventilation vents for more airflow. The airflow wicks any moisture and in return, you feel cool and comfortable. You might have heard that mesh jackets protect like normal jackets but that is not the case. They offer a cool and comfortable ride like no other jacket. 

In summer the ventilation is very important because you would look like a wet cloth otherwise. Another important reason why ventilation is important is comfort. When your whole body is sweaty you would be more focused on getting some air in or how to get rid of the sweat instead of enjoying and focusing on the road. This is why mesh jackets are the choice of many riders during hot weather conditions.


Even the very best mesh motorcycle jackets do not cost much. Just for comparison and to let you know, mesh jackets are very cheap compared to the leather jackets. However, the prices between different manufacturers vary just like the sizes of different manufacturers vary. You should check the jackets and then compare the features and functions of each one to get yourself the best. If you want to know of a manufacturer that has low prices but the quality, comfort, and protection are high then Viking Cycle, of course, stands on the top. The jackets you can buy there are just as best and reliable.