Different Types And Styles Of Motorcycle Jackets

One motorcycle jacket is not for all types of bikes and riders. For example, A leather cruiser jacket may be the best option for a cruiser rider, but it could be the worst for Adventure and touring. So, understanding the different types and styles of motorcycle jackets are important. Because then you could choose the right jacket for yourself. Without any further ado, let's get into it! 

Different styles of jackets

There are two main styles of motorcycle jackets one is the leather jacket and the other is textile jackets. There are four major motorcycle categories: Cruiser, Racing, Street and Adventure Touring. Each style of jacket is altered according to its needs. Modern jackets are a perfect mixture of style and fulfilling requirements.


Just like the classic cruiser bike, cruiser jackets have become very popular. Usually, cruiser motorcycle jackets are made of leather but there are also textile ones. Comfort, reliability, and protection are the main factors that make a motorcycle jacket worth it. 


Street bikes are also called sports and it goes with a relaxed jacket. Street bike jackets are mostly textile material but available in leather too. With removable liners, venting, and a mixture of leather and textile you can have a jacket for all seasons. These jackets are more versatile! Armored protection is very common and needed in these jackets.


Racing motorcycle jackets are made of thick leather. Cowhide leather is best for it because it gives good protection against abrasions. Along with leather, most of the companies use armor in key areas like shoulders, elbow, front, and back to protect your body against impacts and sliding against the road. Most of the jackets also have the option to get connected with pants to avoid raised up jacket. These types of jackets are tight and aerodynamics to reduce drag.


Adventure of dual sport bikes has special jackets that are tailored for its needs. The jackets are made to accommodate almost all the needs you would have during a ride. The adventure riding jackets are usually made of textile which helps in breathing. They also have ventilation and insulation, then you can add thermal liners to have a jacket that is suitable for every season. These jackets have at least pockets more than any other jacket. As you would be riding in a standing position most of the times so the jacket goes below waistline covering your body properly. These jackets also have tall collars too to completely cover the neck!

No matter what sort of jacket you are looking for you can buy the best quality motorcycle jacket from Viking Cycle. Their jackets have armored protection with functional pockets. You would have a safe, protected and comfortable motorcycle ride while you’ll be looking stylish. Cowhide leather jackets and highly durable textile jackets are also available here. 

Leather vs Textile

Leather and Textile jackets are the two most common and best types of motorcycle jackets. Each type has its own pros and cons and is made for different riding styles. Here we are going to understand these two types of jackets by comparing both so that you can choose the right type of jacket for yourself. 

Textile Jackets

First off, leather takes lead over textile because of it is more abrasion-resistant. So, of course, top-quality leather, which is mostly cowhide, is the best way of protection. That is why most of the motorcycle jackets have leather included. Leather looks classy and cool and therefore most people choose it. However, you cannot always wear leather and this is where textile comes in!

You would be insane if you wear leather jackets in the hot and rainy season. Although leather can very well resist rain but it gives up ultimately. Textile jackets are made for these conditions and the addition of mesh does icing on the cake. Textile jackets are lightweight, soft, breathable and waterproof. If you want to keep your valuables safe in the rain go with textile instead of leather. Over the year’s textile has become more and more abrasion resistant and durable. But is still far away from the leather. 

Viking Cycle Leather Jacket

High-quality leather jackets are less likely to wear out compared to textile jackets. Now if you want to beat the weather you can head to Viking Cycle, in AU or shop online if you like, and get your favorite jackets from there. Now that you know both sides of the jacket story you can easily choose one depending on your preference and riding style. But in the end, it is your decision to make and you can go with whatever you like.