Enjoy A Rainy Motorcycle Trip and Be Safe with These Tips

Weather takes unexpected and unwanted turns! On every motorcycle trip and tour, there is a time when the rain starts unexpectedly out of nowhere. While sometimes it stops soon after and other times it doesn’t. If you are a rider who likes to sit in the shade, it is completely fine and it’s your choice. But riding in the rain has its own feels unless of course, it’s a rainstorm. But you need to know the safety measures to safely ride in the rain because aspects change. 



Don't worry about your clothes, get this rain suit and be ready to enjoy the rain. Waterproofing yourself and the luggage, if you have any is important. Being soaked will get you distracted and chances of your tire getting slipped increase. On top of everything, the rain can cause hypothermia. Waterproof, gloves, boots, jackets, trousers, and luggage will keep you calm so you can enjoy the rain. 

Go Easy in the Rain

Because of the water on the road friction is less so we suggest going slow, avoiding sharp turns, and getting really slow like a snail while turning. Keep more distance between yourself and other drivers. Tailgating is illegal anyways! Learn to break gently and slowly. When breaking in a straight line squeeze the front brakes a little gently and add the rear wheel breaks. If you have to slow down on turns, start with zero throttles, push rear brakes gently and never use front brakes. Everything should be gradual and be done gently while riding in the rain. 

Trustful Tires

If you have the disease of choosing cheap tires or not taking care of your tires then are you even a rider. Do you even love your bike and your life? There is already less traction and poor condition of tires will just worsen the situation. Good tires have a good grip even on wet pavements. The specialized rubbers and technical design of tires repel and disperse water on tires to avoid slippery situations. 

So, this makes them accelerate, stop and grip better giving you pleasurable riding in rain experience. Make sure to take good care of your tires and select the best ones for your bike. Get your tires replaced ASAP if they need replacement. Are you a new rider? Don’t worry too much, and make sure you know of these hacks for beginner riders.

Things to Avoid 


Metal and plastic plates and grates, manholes, sidewalks, sand, wet pavements, and suspicious areas on the road are must avoid. You never know what will happen next and whether you would be able to control the bike or not. Any slippery and wet surface is also to be avoided. Don’t get excited by seeing a puddle and throttle your bike into it, there can be an open pothole under there waiting just for you to eat the bike up and ruin your day. 

Pick your Line


Of course, there will be traffic because motorcyclists actually ride in the rain, and obviously, there are cars too. Just riding in traffic pick your line. Here is how to try to align the tires of your bike to the tires of the front vehicle while keeping a reasonable distance. This will push the water off your line and you’ll have better grip. Keep your lane, don’t shift lanes quickly, and avoid driving in the center of your lane because there can be oil deposits from other vehicles.

Maybe Next Time


Sometimes it is just better to enjoy the rain from indoors. Being sensible and riding safely is important. Heavy rain could shorten your vision and freak or some slippery slope can get you off guard plus, you have more chances to get soaked. The key is not to push yourself too hard. This time is best to rest, take a break to straighten your back, getting some sleep or something to eat.