Important Things To Look For While Buying Motorcycle Gear

Fond of driving motorcycles? But did you wear the required gear? Thinking why should you invest in something you would never need is completely fine, actually wise. However, in the case of motorcycle gear, you should invest in proper and quality gear. If you are thinking I don’t need gear because I don’t wear it while driving then start doing so because they are important. The injuries and abrasions caused in motorcycle accidents can be fatal, even if you drive exceptionally carefully. They can help you get back on your bike soon, gear like leather motorcycle jackets and chaps protect your skin from abrasions. So, as it was so important you would need some help choosing and buying the gear, that is why we are here for. 



The gear should have a snug-fitting, neither too tight nor loose. Snugly fitted gear is more likely to stay on your body and do what it is meant for in case of an accident. Adjustable waists are better as they fit different sizes. Try out gear when buying, get yourself in the riding position and make sure it is not restricting any movements or annoying. While standing it could seem large but as you would sit on the bike or get in riding position it should be perfect. For instance, you would not want the jacket or trouser sleeves to ride up leaving the skin naked. Also, make sure the jacket overlaps the pants. The gear should not be turned or braised from anywhere if yours then get it replaced.


Armour Jacket By Viking Cycle

CE-rated armor gear is better, this is a European gear rating standard. Level 1, 2, and 3 are rated from least to best protection an armor gives. So, look for gear that has CE approved armor, elbows, shoulders, back, and the chest is the essential areas in jackets, from most to least important, while for the hips and knees of the pants should have armor. 

The other important thing is to make sure armor stays in its place when you are in the riding position and grips the part of the body snugly so it can protect it in an accident. For motorcycle boots, the mid-shin length is best, while you can also go for ankle sized ones. It is best if the toe and ankle have reinforced protection. 


Viking cycle jacket closure

After stitching, closures are also important because if they are tied or sewed weak then the same thing would happen and your body would be exposed. Strong and adjustable closures, for a front full length, and for sleeves adjustable are the best. Velcro is great but it should not be at the neck as it can catch on helmet straps. Similarly, laced motorcycle boots are not recommended because of snagging. 


Viking Cycle Leather Jacket

Durable and reinforced stitching with a smooth comfortable finish will keep you comfortable and the gear intact to help protect you. During accidents, this will matter a lot of as cheap gear and the stitching will fall apart leaving your body unprotected and the money you spent on it would obviously go to waste. Steel shank, shifter pad, and toe protection for boots is a must. If you can make sure the sole is stitched not just glued. The material is also important, because if the material is something which can be easily cleaned half of your headache would be relieved. Here is a guide on how to take care of your motorcycle apparel.  


Viking Cycle Ventilation

For summer riding the gear should be ventilated. It will help you a lot and give the required comfort allowing the air to flow properly wicking away the sweat. 

Water resistance

Waterproofing or water resistance gear is better but at the same time, it is more expensive. They help protect your stuff in rain but only up to some extent. 


Viking Cycle High Viz Jacket

Gear with high-visibility helps especially if you ride during dark hours. Some gear has reflective lining while others have patches both are fine. It keeps you visible to other drivers at night helping you save from accidents and incidents.