Make Your First Motorcycle Trip Exceptional with These Tips

Are you going for the first motorcycle road trip? It is very exciting, but often in excitement mistakes are made and important things are overlooked. That doesn’t have to be like that anymore because to make your first motorcycle trip exceptional we are here with some tips and tricks. If you follow these things, we assure you a good, happy and enjoyable trip. Preparation is a very first and crucial thing. Whether it be a solo or group trip, it is your bike or rental here are the tips that can get you a hassle-free motorcycle trip. 

Choose the ride sensibly

Choose Ride Sensibly

Make sure the bike you are choosing is right for the motorcycle trip you are going to. For instance, if you will be doing a lot of off-roading then cruiser bike is not a suitable option. Making modifications to the bike is okay and you should do it, to make it suitable and comfortable for the ride. Inspect it properly and do a test to make sure everything is perfect. Headlights, brakes, clutch, tires, fluids are key things to check. Make sure you can handle the bike easily.

Proper clothing

Proper Clothing

Wearing proper clothing, like motorcycle jackets, trousers, helmet, and gloves is the right way to do it. Other than that, all the apparel should be the comfortable and right size, non-restricting and non-damaged. Oh, we prefer ankle size motorcycle boots because they protect the ankles too. Accidents are inevitable and unavoidable that is a good reason to wear knee and elbow guards. Weather will surely change, don’t count on it, always keep your rain suits on hand.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated does not seem like an important thing or something we need to tell you about but the truth is the opposite. Riders often overlook this or because of the excitement. Dehydration weakens your body which in return can ruin the trip, we don’t want that at all. So, make sure you pack water bottles or stopping for it is another option. Hydration packs are functional on keeping water cool and the long pipe lets you drink on the go, cool right! Keep your “A game” up!

Pack appropriately

Pack appropriately

Packing is where most of us make mistakes, especially new riders, sorry but it is true. First things first, choose the right luggage making sure they can carry all you need. Then mount it to the bike properly. There are lots of options like hard or soft luggage, saddlebags, tank bags, sissy bar bags, and more. Pro Tip, pack in such a way that heavier items are at the bottom and lightweight ones are atop, the idea is to keep the center of gravity low. Important, frequent needed, and items that need quick access should be placed where they can be accessed quickly like a tank bag. Make a checklist to ensure you aren’t forgetting something. These are the common mistakes to avoid on motorcycle trips, read on its beneficial.

Take a break

Take A Break

Yes, the body needs proper rest, more than you usually need. Of course, we all know sitting on a bike for hours and hours can give saddle sores and numb glutes. The first thing you can do is note when you need a rest. Ask your passenger to take over or just stop to refill, gas, or something else and stretch the body. Ignoring it will only make the trip boring and frustrating. Pro Tip, don’t take long breaks unless they are for food or sleep or maybe something more important. 

Get a map

Get a Map

Take advantage of the technological advancement’s humans have achieved. GPS navigation system or even your phone will do. Having a paper map will come in handy, but not often. Thinking for using the phone as GPS, make sure it is unlocked and choose a network carrier. Asking locals for directions is the old school trick, the last resort. 

Final word

Have your bike properly checked and repaired one or two days prior to the trip, then test it and make sure everything is fine. Important documents, repair, and first aid kits should not be forgotten.