Motorcycle Safety Tips That Will Keep You and Others Safe

There is nothing like riding the open road on two wheels as the wind sweeps around your body the sensory experience of tearing the road and wind together cannot be defined with words. But with this amazing thrill comes grave danger if one is not being careful. We all may be aware of the risks but some ignore it while some forget how important it is. Motorcycles and motorcyclists and less protected and are more likely to crash than cars. It is harsh but true. Whether you are driving at night or day, whether it is dry or rainy motorcycle trip safety is very important. The following are the tips that will keep you and others safe. Again, this is a comparatively dangerous mode of commuting so you have to be more careful. 

Buy what you can handle

Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty Eight

Small-displacement engines are fast and powerful than they were. So, make sure you can easily handle, both feet touch the ground, controls are easily reachable. If it feels heavy, it is heavy. 250cc engine is good for commuting but for highways, you should go with at least 500cc because keeping with traffic would be easy. Get a test ride before buying it if you can.

Motorcycle riding gear

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Gear

Jeans, T-shirts, etc. aren’t appropriate so invest in proper motorcycle riding gear that will protect you from chill, bugs, and even scrapes in the event of a crash. Reinforced motorcycle jackets, motorcycle riding pants, riding boots that cover the ankles, and appropriate gloves for apparel and Make sure to check these Features before Buying Your Motorcycle Gear. Whereas, sunglasses and helmet with proper visors are a must for eye protection. If you would be riding at dusk or dawn then make sure wearing high-reflection apparel. Remember to change or buy your motorcycle gear according to the weather. For summer ventilated jackets are the best while in winter jackets with internal warm liners are good. Whether it be summer or winter dress in layers keeping base layer sweat-wicking and breathable.

Anti Lock brakes

ABS Brake System

Anti Lock brakes are safe, motorcycles with ABS brakes are likely to have a fatal crash. There are also categories in ABS brakes but for a starter just go for any kind. Breaking lock steals away any steering control and the result is a serious injury. But ABS retain steering control in an emergency stop and slippery roads.

Hone your skills

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) riding course

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) riding course is critical so make sure to enroll and complete it. It starts from teaching the basics then off to advanced techniques including for emergency situations such as evasive maneuvers. An approved safety course may make you eligible for the best motorcycle insurance discount and the licensing process. 

Use your head

Use Helmet

In some states, the helmet is not compulsory but wearing one will only keep you protected. Riding without a helmet is a 40% chance of fatal head injury and 3% more chances of brain injury. When choosing look for any of the following certifications; ISI, DOT, ECE, SNELL, SHARP. DOT is the minimum standard. Helmets get weaker for protection over time and even if they look fine, they might not be so it is recommended to get them replaced every five years or so. However, get it replaced as soon as you can if it has been in a crash or damaged somehow. 

Ride defensive

Ride defensive

Be extra alert while riding, lookout for cars suddenly stopping or changing lanes, don’t tailgate and keep a safe distance on each side. Something a car can is safe from can cause a serious threat to a bike.

Avoid bad weather

Avoid Bad Weather

situations get worse in bad weather; it can be rain or snow or icy roads. So, precautionary measures also should be increased. For instance, if you normally ride behind a car at 5 feet now you should be riding 10-15 feet apart. If you normally ride at 50mph now you should be riding at 25-30mph and so on. Avoiding the ride in such conditions is always safer.

Beware of road hazards

Beware of road hazards

Bumps, potholes, etc. can be a serious danger for the motorcycle and the rider. Avoid them and slow down if you have no other option. Railroad tracks etc. should be approached at a right angle, to avoid skid chances.

Follow traffic rules

Follow traffic rules

The speed limit is for your safety, faster will only create problems for yourself and others too. Be aware of the laws and regulations before riding in some areas. Updated laws are available on the state website. Observe the signboards and keep your eyes open. 

Ride sober

Ride Motorcycle Sober

Drinking and driving are illegal, whether it be a motorcycle, car, or truck you are going to drive. Alcohol is no way of keeping yourself awake. If you feel sleepy, find a motel or hotel nearby which is safe and take a nap. Or maybe stop for gas or something get back in your senses. Fatigue and drowsiness impair reaction time and decision making. 


Motorcycle riding is as dangerous as compelling it seems. Of course, if you are careful and aware of your surroundings, accidents and injuries can be evaded. Remember you have to keep yourself safe it might not always be your fault. Wearing proper and CE approved gear, covering yourself properly will make a lot of difference. It can even be the reason that saved your life. Be safe and happy riding.