These Accessories Are Must for Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle riding, from one point to another, whether in the city or across states, becomes enjoyable when you are doing it right. Long motorcycle trips are not like city traveling, there just the phone and credit card will not bail you out of any situation. Those who’s bikes have logged enough miles know that during rides anything can go wrong thus we should be prepared for it. Thus, for a successful and hassle-free motorcycle trip, you and the bike need some accessories. We are here today to let you know what are those accessories are. 

Clothing and Gear


Clothing and gear are bare essentials and they change according to the weather. The breathable and moisture-wicking base layer and warm, breathable, waterproof, and windproof top layer for winters. If it still feels cold add a warm mid-layer, like woolen or some other warm jacket. Whereas during the summer breathable, sweat-wicking, and clothes with ventilation would be better. 

Now, the motorcycle gear helmet, jackets, pants, gloves, and shoes are all important and should be worn in all seasons. Warm jackets with a removable liner for winters and ventilated mesh jackets for summer will keep you comfortable while riding. A high visibility jacket is also necessary so that others can see you at night, some jackets have reflective stripes, that is also fine.

Rain protection

Wear proper gear

Weather forecasts are not 100% accurate and change in weather can happen instantly, and getting caught in the rain is not very pleasant. Just pack a motorcycle rain suit whenever going out so you are always ready for it, you don’t have anything to lose. Two-piece rain suits are better, but these days motorcycle pants and jackets come with some waterproofing too so buy that if you like. To keep the hands and feet dry choose waterproof gloves and boots.



As you’d be wearing pants, gloves, jacket, and helmet, if you do, not much skin is exposed to the sun but some areas are. Face, if you are riding into the sun and neck. Higher you go more crucial the UV rays become thus even if the body will be uncovered for a short while, sunburn can happen. At least SPF 30 and at max SPF 70 depending on where you will be going.

MAP and Navigation


Motorcycle riders are not about being first and quick but it is about the journey. Now, of course, you must reach there and get separated from the group is possible. No matter what you say a map and a navigation system should always be with you. Your mobile phone can also act as navigation. The paper map will come in handy where GPS doesn’t work. Beginner tips for an exceptional motorcycle trip can save your life and lots of time.

Crash guards


Crashes cannot be prevented no matter how careful we are. The damage they cause to bike can ruin your entire trip! Crash guards protect the bike from that damage and at the very least bike would be able to drive to the mechanic. Plus, they are easy to repair instead of reaping the bike. 

Motorcycle covers


Motorcycle covers are good keeping people looking for a seat away, and often the thieves. Other times it is safe from rain, dust, and other elements. Covering your bike every time can be tiring but it is worth it.

Security and Locks


Motorcycle security is one of the major concerns but no big issue. Electronic and wire locks provide optimal protection, but you also must secure the luggage. GPS tracking systems have entered the market for motorcycles too. Other than that disk locks are also great and efficient. Always remember to lock the bike, luggage, helmet, and other things like jacket if you are leaving it there when getting off the bike. 

Additional items

Additional Items

All the necessary documents like insurance, ownership, license, and registration are the documents you should always, packed in an easy-access location. First aid kit and tool kit are, of course, always required. Flat tire repair kit works for tubeless tires and can keep you going.