Some Preeminent Women's Motorcycle Jackets to Pick From

Besides being the most thrilling experience, motorcycle riding has many benefits for your physical and mental health. Motorcycle riding ameliorates your core strength, makes your knees and thighs strong, improves your metabolism, and gives you a better mental outlook. Coming to the women riders, in many parts of the world, there is a stereotype that women are not fit for motorcycle riding but the U.S. is different. There are more than 20% women owners of motorcycles in the U.S. now which was around 10% a few years ago and the numbers are still growing every coming day. Talking about the interest of women in  biking a survey conducted by Harley-Davidson about women motorcycle riders and non-riders reveals that,

  • 37 percent of women biker’s report that they “always feel happy” vs. 16 percent of non-bikers
  • Nearly 35 % of women motorcyclists are found always confident in comparison to 18% non-riders.
  • 33 percent of women bikers say riding reduces their stress
  • 74 percent of women riders say that riding has improved their life

In addition to the benefits of motorcycling discussed earlier, there are some vicious challenges and risks for a bike rider too. And after contemplating on these risks, many people abandon the idea of owning a bike. But free souls always choose to ride because there is no adventure free of risks. Moreover, you can take safety measures like wearing motorcycle protective gear before jumping on a bike. Although the safety gear list includes helmet, gloves, jackets, boots, and pants. But jackets and helmets are the gear that keeps your most critical body parts safe. If you are fully prepared for a ride, whether you go for a grocery a few blocks away or hit the road for a long enthralling road trip, you will feel as if there’s nothing like the rumble of a ride beneath you. Coming to the safety gear, choosing the right jacket for you is very important and the important parameters to consider while selecting a jacket are the comfort level of the jacket, whether it is lightweight and affordable to buy. Motorcycle jackets come in leather, textile, and mesh fabric but leather jackets are most long-lasting. Read on to undergo some of the finest women’s motorcycle jackets the market has to offer.

Viking Cycle Fire Goddess Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket for Women:

Viking Cycle Leather Jacket For Women

This jacket is one of the niftiest jackets for keeping you safe in the event of a crash.  It is a highly fashionable motorcycle jacket that enhances the classic look of a biker. This leather motorcycle jacket for women is constructed from 100% genuine leather with stainless steel buttons and durable zippers. When talking about the storage capacity, there are external and internal storage pockets including dedicated pockets for phone, knife, and sunglasses. Moreover, the jacket comes with an adjustable waist strap and is zippered at sleeves to keep the air in check while riding beside a key holding hook and headphone loops.

Viking Cycle Ironborn Black Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Women:

Ironborn Jacket For Women

Jackets that are manufactured from a textile material are comparatively cheaper and lightweight than the leather jackets. This Ironborn Women's Jacket is very popular among the women riders. The women’s textile motorcycle jacket is purposefully designed for a woman’s body by adding 3-strap waist adjustability in the back so you can make the jacket truly fit. The design of the jacket gives the best vintage look to the female rider. Additionally, the women’s motorcycle jacket comes with our signature air-flow system having zippered vents in the front. The jacket has internal as well as external pockets to keep your belongings safe while riding. And when it comes to protection, this jacket is equipped with CE-Approved Protection on the vulnerable points like shoulders, elbows, and the back. For making it visible in the night, we have included highly reflective stripes on both the shoulders. And for making the women’s textile jacket wearable in all seasons, there is a removable thermal Sleeveless liner attached to it.

Viking Cycle Freedom Black/Red Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Women:

Freedom Textile Jacket For Women

This supreme quality women’s motorcycle jacket is designed to give you freedom while you ride. The ultra-classic looking jacket is made from the 600D stretch frame and a highly breathable mesh panel on the chest. This lady’s abrasion-resistant jacket is stitched in a way, with expandable gussets, that gives you full freedom of movement. There is an adequate storage capacity of this textile women’s jacket including two external side pockets, some internal pockets along with a concealed carry pocket. For making it safe in a crash, we have added Viking cycle Level-3 removable armor on parts that touch the ground first, shoulder, elbows, and spine. To make it awfully fit, this lightweight lady’s jacket comes with waist adjusters.

Viking Cycle Cruise Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket for Women:

The Cruise Leather Motorcycle jacket for women is the most elegant and cool jacket you could buy. The leather used in constructing this jacket is 100% genuine and of the best quality. This leather motorcycle jacket comes with stainless steel buttons in addition to durable zippers. Also, the jacket has ample storage capacity having dedicated internal and external pockets. This lady’s motorcycle jacket has a key holding along with an adjustable waist strap and zippers at sleeves to make it breathable.

Viking Cycle Warlock Silver/Gray Mesh Motorcycle Jacket for Women:

Warlock Silver/Gray Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Warlock Women's Mesh jacket is the most lightweight and affordable jacket you could find anywhere. The comfort level of this jacket is also unmatchable. When you jump on your bike while wearing this finest jacket, it gives you a quintessential look that no other jacket gives. On top of this, the jacket has black mesh on the torso and sleeves to keep you cool and maintain airflow. Besides the looks, the storage capacity is also prolific having two external side pockets and many internal pockets (incl. a dedicated phone pocket). For making the jacket comfortable wear, we have added a 3-strap adjustability system so you can make the jacket fit perfectly for your body. The jacket is designed with CE-Approved armor on shoulders, elbows, and back to make it very safe when facing an accident.

Viking Cycle Freedom Black/Black Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Women:Freedom Black/Black Textile Motorcycle Jacket


This Freedom Women's Motorcycle Black Jacket is the most voguish jacket available for the biking community. The design of the jacket allows freedom of movement while riding the bike. The abrasion-resistant women’s mesh jacket is highly breathable having a 600D stretch frame. The best quality women’s mesh motorcycle jacket comes with a great storage capacity including external side pockets and some internal pockets including a concealed carry pocket. To make it highly safe, we have added Viking cycle Level-3 removable armor on the shoulder, elbows, and back. Moreover, for a comfortable fit quality, we have equipped the jacket with waist adjusters.

Viking Cycle Warlock Pink Mesh Motorcycle Jacket for Women:

Warlock Pink Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Warlock Women's motorcycle jacket is an excellent amalgamation of unique style and absolute comfort. This ultra-fit lady’s jacket has black mesh on the sleeves and the torso in order to give a vintage look while maintaining airflow. Talking about the storage capacity of this lightweight women’s mesh motorcycle jacket, there are two zippered side pockets besides many internal pockets including a dedicated mobile phone pocket. To make it exceptionally fit for your body, we have added a 3-strap adjustability system in it. Moreover, for the purpose of safety, there is CE-Approved armor on the Achilles heels of a crash like shoulders, elbows, and back. The jacket also has reflective piping to make it visible on the road.

Viking Cycle Freedom Black/Purple Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Women:

This Freedom Women's Textile Jacket is manufactured and stitched in a design that gives you freedom of movement while riding. The remarkably fashioned jacket has a 600D stretch frame and is made of a highly breathable mesh panel on the chest. There is plenty of storage capacity in the jacket including two external side pockets and some internal pockets including a concealed carry pocket. This abrasion-resistant lady’s jacket is equipped with Viking cycle Level-3 removable armor on vulnerable points like shoulder, elbows, and spine to protect in the event of a crash. For making it fit for all body types, there are waist adjusters attached to it.

The Upshot:

Motorcycling is one of the most classic ways of traveling and there are many benefits of it too. Men have always been into this but for around two decades women are also making many solo and group trips on their two-wheelers. There are some risks with motorcycle riding but these risks can be reduced by wearing safety gear like helmet, gloves, jackets, boots, and pants. We have enlisted in this article some of the best jackets for women to ensure safe rides.


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