A Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycle Safety Gear and Clothes

Traveling is one of the most enthralling things to do that ameliorates your physical, mental, and emotional health. Everybody in this fast-paced world is dealing with work pressures and a break in the form of a fascinating tour charges the person for the next round of life. Governments are making efforts to improve their tourism department to enhance their GDP. According to a survey, travel, and tourism directly contributed approximately 2.9 trillion U.S. dollars to GDP in 2019 worldwide. Road trips are also promoted and sponsored by some countries for the boom in the tourism industry.

Road tripping gives you even more daredevil experience and some great memories that stay with you in your whole life. A motorcycle trip adds so much to your road-tripping experience. You become a part of the landscape while traveling on a motorcycle and feel the sunlight, drops of water, and air directly on your skin. You can also smell odoriferous of beautifully grown along the side of the highway while riding your classic ride.

In addition to all these frabjous things ascribed to biking, motorcycling has some risks which you can reduce to the maximum extent by wearing all the motorcycle safety gear like a motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and boots before jumping onto a vintage ride. This article will shed some light on some of the most useful winter and summer safety gear a bike rider must have before hitting the road for a long road trip.

Motorcycle helmet:

Motorcycle Helmet

There is a famous adage which says if you have a $20 head, buy yourself a $20 helmet. Helmets are the most important safety gear that can protect the most critical part of your body, your head, in the event of a crash. Besides ensuring the safety of your skull, helmets protect your nose, eyes, ear, mouth, and also offer shelter from wind noise, bugs, sunburns, and turbulence. According to CDC: the helmets reduce the risk of death by 37% and saved 1859 lives in 2016.  The manufacturers of helmet companies have a view that helmets have a five-year life because this period of time the adhesives and other materials begin to degrade, impacting the performance of the helmet when it counts.

 Helmets went through stress testing and are designed in a way that they should be broken after bearing the impact of the crash. Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of styles and shapes like full-face helmets, hybrid helmets, and half helmets. Full face helmets are the ones that could protect your chin when you meet an accident. Moreover, there are some normal riding helmets and some special purpose helmets like street helmets and dirt helmets made to protect you better, and keep you comfortable. There are different ratings that define the quality of the helmet you want to buy like DOT rating, Snell rating, and ECE ratings.

You’ll see a sticker affixed prominently on the back of your helmet which tells us about its rating. When buying a helmet, you must check whether the helmet is the right fit for you or not because you are going to carry that helmet for hours on a trip. Other important things to consider are weight, noise, and aerodynamics.

Eye protection:

Eye Protection

In addition to a motorcycle helmet for your Harley motorcycle, eye protection is of great use for protecting your eyes in windy weather from making tears stream down your face; it also keeps debris and bugs from flying into your eyes when the visor is up. The beautiful googles you can find in motorcycle gear not only saves your eyes from sun rays but gives you a cool look too.

Riding jackets:

Viking Cycle Riding Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are also very pertinent safety gear to protect your chest at the time of the accident. Motorcycle jackets are crafted from leather and/or textile material. Leather jackets are more durable, long-lasting, water-resistant, and reliable but textile jackets are lightweight and easily affordable. Riding jackets have the capability to save your body from abrasion and protect your body from cold and rainy weather.

Also, these jackets have a breathable quality to keep your body from sweating. There are built-in armors with a CE safety rating, impact-absorbing material that cushions your most exposed and vulnerable parts in a crash. If you want to buy yourself an extremely comfortable and ideally fit motorcycle jacket to ride your vintage Suzuki bike, Viking Cycle is the best option for you. You can find a genuine cowhide leather jacket for men as well as women from the website of the Viking Cycle.

 Moreover, our jackets have a great storage capacity from side zippered pockets to many inside pockets including a hidden pocket. The reflective color and piping of these jackets make them easily visible to other riders during the night. In addition to textile jackets, we also offer mesh jackets to match the taste of every rider. In short, our jackets have all the features of a great motorcycle jacket.

Ear protection:

ear protection

When riding a two-wheeler, wind noise and the noise of horns and passing traffic can divert your attention which is very dangerous for a motorcycle rider. Moreover, your hearing can also suffer after repeated exposure to loud sounds. Some people don’t consider earplugs as safety gear while most Yamaha riders and other vintage bike riders take earplugs as must-haves Yamaha safety gear.

Motorcycle gloves:

Motorcycle Gloves

When we face an accident, hands are the first body parts that we use in order to save the rest of our body parts. This is why good quality motorcycle gloves are very important for the safety and the protection of our hands in the event of a crash. For ensuring a smooth road trip, gloves are as important as other safety gear you wear while riding your classic motorcycle. Finding good quality gloves is really a tough job but if you visit the website of Viking Cycle, you can find magnificent men’s and women’s motorcycle gloves at hand. Our collection includes gloves in different styles like half finger gloves and full finger gloves, different designs, and different colors. Also, these gloves are either crafted from high-quality, durable leather or textile material. The gloves we offer at Viking Cycle are waterproof, extremely comfortable, and within the grasp of every rider. Additionally, most of our gloves have visibility quality too. These motorcycle gloves besides protecting your hands in the event of fall, they also keep our hands in cold weather and dry when traveling in the rain.

Motorcycle Vests:

Riding Vests

Vests are also important for your safety while riding a two-wheeler and traversing through mesmerizing sceneries of the world. Viking cycle provides you with the most comfortable wear, high quality, durable, and reliable vests for your summer motorcycle gear collection. These elegant motorcycle vests are designed from cowhide leather which makes them weather-resistant and highly protective in the event of a crash. In addition to leather vests, you can also find an extremely lightweight and affordable textile vest in our collection too. In comparison with motorcycle jackets, vests give you more freedom of movement while riding a bike.

Riding pants:

riding pants

Jeans are no alternative to riding pants because jeans don’t have armors to protect your knees and hip. Your motorcycle pants offer protection from the environment as well as ventilation and safety of your lower body. To make these pants visible reflective designs are made on both sides of the legs. Like gloves and jackets, riding pants also come textile, leather, denim, and kevlar material.

These materials also protect your legs in the event of rain because of the weather-resistant quality of the material used. Leather pants are more durable but expensive but textile pants are lightweight and more comfortable. Like other safety gear, your riding pants must be a good fit for you if you want to ride your two-wheeler for hundreds of kilometers without getting wrestled and fatigued.

Motorcycle boots:

motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots help you protect your feet, ankles, and shin when you meet an accident. Moreover, these boots protect your feet from debris and water your bike passes through on the way. Your motorcycle boots give you support through your legs, ankles, and feet on slippery, uneven, unpredictable surfaces because of their oil-resistant and non-slip soles. There are armors over the ankles and shin to protect these areas. The souls normally contain a metal plate to secure your feet when you slide in an accident.

Body armor:

Body Armor

Besides wearing armored motorcycle jackets and pants containing armors, you can wear full-body armor that can work with your jacket and or pants to increase protection. Riding jackets do have padding and impact resistance at the waist, on the back, at the shoulders, on elbows, and chest. You can enhance your protection level with an armored vest, a back protector, and even an airbag system, as you would find in most newer cars and trucks. These armors should be a good fit to give you foolproof protection while keeping in a comfortable position.

Rain gear:

Rain Gear

Rainy weather can force you to stop your trip or at least slow down your pace but if you own a Viking Cycle rain gear will completely keep you safe and dry while keeping your Harley Davidson ride covering miles. When you are wearing our rain gear, you will enjoy your ride, your bike, and the rain. Rain can’t get in your way because Viking Cycle rain gear can keep the water out and you dry. Moreover, you will be protected from wind, rain, water making sure that you are safe and dry along with your items and valuables.

The upshot:

Motorcycling is getting popularity because of the independence and control it gives you over your trip. You are the person who plans and carries your trip. If you find someplace fascinating, you could stay there longer than you planned and if you find a destination boring, you can immediately go to some other more interesting place. Sitting on a two-wheeler while enjoying the spellbinding beauty of landscapes around you is unmatchable. However, when riding a motorcycle, you are more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and accidents. To save yourself in these unwanted events, you need some good quality protective gear like a motorcycle helmet, riding jackets, boots, pants, and riding gloves. 


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